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a lovable, hyper, and cute Brittney Spaniel. He was born in 1996, so he is getting old and he is not as hyper anymore. He is white with orange spots and he belongs to the whole Family.
Cochise is...
Fun Facts
Cochise is a boy, and he is very friendly.

He has lots of nicknames, like Gutdog, Cheeser, and Weeser

He can sit, shake, fetch, high five, and jump, especially if you have a treat

He used to be Jeff's dog but quickly became the family dog

Jeff named him after a great Indian Chief who had a friend named Jeff
Jeff and Cochise hunting in Kansas
Cochise lives with his Family in Stacy, MN. He likes to lick to show affection. He also sniffs everything when he goes on walks. He has lots of toys. He likes all treats, but he likes our kids food better - at least I don't have to vacuum alot.
- Kids, especially Mikey, JoJo, and Kathrin
- laying on Dad's lap
- long naps
- bird hunting with Dad
- laying on the bed
- sleeping on the floor
- tickling his paws
- ear medicine
- when he is left alone