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This is the site where you get to know a little more about Liane. She was born in Kimmlingen/Kreis Kordel on July 5, 1965 but she was too little to remember anything there. Next she moved to Hinzenburg until she was about 4 years old, then she lived in Geisenmerich/Lampaden. That time will always be the greatest Memory to her because childhood seemed so simple. She moved to Moerschied and stayed there until her destiny took her to Kirchberg where a different door opened to take her to the United States. After a long search she finally met her soulmate Jeff. Liane put some Pictures and German links together and you can find the links by clicking on the Pictures.

The picture to the right was taken in Geisenmerich/ Lampaden with a lot of Family Members. Liane is the girl with the dog. Her Brother Juergen is next to her with the green T-Shirt. The young lady in the grey coat is her sister Gaby. Her Mom is a little hidden in the picture and Grandpa, Grandma one Aunt and some Cousins are in the picture as well. Conny another sister was gone that day and her little sister Sonja was still in the belly.The picture to the right is Hinzenburg. Hinzenburg and Geisenmerich/Lampaden are only about 3 Miles apart.
Liane's biggest hobby is her Family because they take up a lot of her time but in that time we do outdoor things together if the weather allows it plus she trys to spent a lot of time with the german people she met in Minnesota. One of her Favorite things is to go to the Gesellige Runde. If she has time to herself she works on her scrap books. Also she likes to go and do karaoke at a little bar in Stacy.
German Link to Lampaden
German Site about Moerschied
To the right is a map of Rheinland-Pfalz which Liane has spent 24 years of her life. I guess you call that a state and Germany has about 16 of them. Germany is a little smaller than Montana. The picture to the left is a house in Moerschied where Liane lived with her Mom and Grandparents.
German Link to Kordel
German Link to Hinzenburg
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